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Creating transactions while reconciling

Learn how to manage Petty Cash, create Bank Rules and use Cash Coding. View course

Self-paced learning - 15 MINUTES

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Requesting prepayments with quotes

Streamline the process of dealing with prepayments in Xero. View course

Self-paced learning - 10 MINUTES

Automating your workload

Find out how to automate a wide variety of recurring transactions in Xero. View course

Video learning - 3 MINUTES

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Resolving common errors during bank reconciliation

If you're scratching your head around the Bank Reconciliation process in Xero, come and find out about some of the most common errors and how to correct them. View course

Self-paced learning - 40 MINUTES

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Find & Recode

See how you can efficiently correct any errors that might have occurred with transactions in the accounts. View course

Self-paced learning - 10 MINUTES

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Processing bank reconciliation adjustments

Learn how to apply Partial payments, adjust for Underpayments and proess Overpayments in the Bank Reconciliation. View course

Self-paced learning - 35 MINUTES

Carrying out everyday tasks

Learn how to carry out key bookkeeping tasks, including Bank reconciliation, Sales invoicing and Purchase bills View course

Self-paced learning - 50 MINUTES

Reporting for month end

Understand how to use Xero's reports and features for quick and easy business analysis View course

Self-paced learning - 45 MINUTES

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Using Tracked Inventory in Xero

Now you've set up Tracked Inventory, see how you can use it on a daily basis to help manage stock. View course

Self-paced learning - 7 MINUTES