New Xero navigation: Answers to FAQs for partners

1. What prompted the improvements to the Xero navigation?

After reviewing the current navigation with bookkeepers, accountants, small business users and those brand new to Xero, we identified some challenges. We’ve always aimed for Xero to be friendly and easy to use but our research showed us there was room for improvement. Some of the key issues were that the navigation wasn’t organised in a logical way for users, took too long to move through, and included too much accounting jargon.  

We wanted to improve the overall experience, to reduce the number of questions you may get from clients, and make it faster and simpler to find the tools you use most often - whether you’re working with a novice or you’re an expert.

2. What's changing?

The biggest differences you’ll see are the new and intuitive menus that group similar tools together:

The Business menu holds the tools that most small business use, like invoicing, bills and expenses. 

If you or your clients are looking for 'Inventory’, it’s now called ‘Products and services’ to better describe the information that people record here.

The Accounting menu leads to bank accounts, reports and advanced tools and settings such as chart of accounts, find and recode, and manual journals. 

Organisation menu
The top left of the navigation now houses your organisation menu. If you have access to more than one organisation, you can easily switch between them and find them with an easy search.

You’ll notice that Files and business settings from Settings have moved here.

There are now two places for your settings - one for everyday organisational settings that small businesses, accountants and bookkeepers alike may want to use, and the Advanced settings, that tend to only be used by accountants and bookkeepers.  Advance settings are found within the accounting dropdown, under 'Advance', General and organisational settings are found under 'Settings' in the Organisation menu.

Read more in the blog for accountants and bookkeepers.

3. What about my favourites: are they still there?

Yes, and you’ll now find that most of your favourites sit under the Accounting menu. Certain items related to the organisation that you may have favourited previously are now accessible from Settings within the organisation menu. 

If you haven’t favourited a task or tool before, it’s a great way to customise Xero and get to what you need fast. To create a favourite, just click a star on a report, or on a tool or setting within Advanced accounting in the Accounting menu, and that item will appear in your Favourites.

4. Are there any other wording or location improvements I should know about?

Yes. If you use Xero Payroll, you’ll see that the phrase ‘Pay runs’ has been changed to ‘Pay employees’ to make it more descriptive of what you’re doing.

If you want to add a Xero app like Xero Projects, or a third-party app, to an organisation, you can access information about them in the ‘Do more with Xero’ section in the Organisation menu.

Your practice tools and the Demo Company are still under the Organisation menu.

Payroll Settings now sit on the new Organisation Settings page, which can be accessed via Settings in the Organisation menu.

5. Is my mobile app or any of my practice tools (Xero HQ, WorkFlowMax, Xero Practice Manager) changing as well?

No, there are no changes to these tools.

6. When is the Xero navigation changing?

The new, improved navigation will become available to everyone from late November 2018. You don’t have to do anything for your practice or your clients, it will happen automatically.

7. Can I see the improvements now, before my clients see it?

Yes, as a Xero partner, you can test out the improvements from 13 November in the Demo Company to familiarise yourself and be better placed to advise your clients if they come to you with any questions.

To access the Demo Company, log into Xero, click on the name of your organisation, select 'My Xero' then click 'Try the Demo Company'. If you have a few organisations in this menu and the Demo Company doesn't appear you can search for it in the search bar.


8. When will my clients be notified?

Your clients will begin to see messages about the new navigation from 6 November and can check it out in the Demo Company when they log in to Xero from 13 November. You can also share these FAQs or email with them.

9. Do you have any Xero screenshots that show the new navigation so I can update my client resources?

If you want to update your own training material, you can use these screenshots. From late November you can access information about the new navigation in Xero Central.