Online invoicing

Online invoicing makes it simple for customers to pay your clients faster. Explore beautiful, customisable templates, automatic reminders and online payment options.

Faster payments for everyone

Invoice Payments in Xero are proven to help businesses get paid up to 15 days faster, taking the pain and hassle out of chasing debtors/payments. Using an Invoice Payment provider allows customers to pay Xero invoices instantly – using debit card, credit card or Direct Debit.

Key areas of cash flow


Invoice Reminders
Invoice Reminders let customers know when they've missed paying an invoice by its due date. 


Invoice Payments
Use invoice payment services – such as Stripe for debit and credit cards, and GoCardless for Direct Debit – to get paid faster.


Recurring Payments
Recurring invoices in Xero will take the hassle out of sending repeat invoices to customers you do business with regularly while Stripe AutoPay and Direct Debit 
with GoCardless are great ways to automatically 
collect payment from customers on due date.


See the personal and business effects of unpaid invoices in Xero’s State of Late Payments 2019 report.


Hear from the experts

With online payments, the methods you offer your customers have a big impact on your success. Read GoCardless' Guide to online payments and make the best choice for your clients businesses.

“One of the main recommendations we give to our clients to get paid faster is to enable payment services in Xero that collect payment from customers on the day the invoice is due.”

- Katherine O'Carroll, BDO


Recommended apps

These apps integrate seamlessly with Xero to speed up payments and getting paid.

Discover more about invoice payment apps and debtor management apps.

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Take our e-learning course on cash flow management apps and get the badge to show your clients you know your stuff. Download the playbook to look up the right mix of apps to get your clients’ cash flowing.