Access to finance

Once you have a full view of your clients’ current cash flow, and how it might look in the future, you’re in a good position to help them manage working capital – which may include credit or a loan.

Smarter borrowing

Should your clients find themselves in a position where they need to borrow, they can explore their options through Xero to get the best type of finance for their business. 


Xero data makes applying for finance easier

Xero securely integrates with financial institutions – banks and alternative lenders – to give your clients faster access to capital with less paperwork.


Hint: See the benefits of sharing clients’ financial data with leading lenders through Xero


Hear from the experts

Financing regulation can be tricky. Download iwoca's Accountant introducer regulation FAQ to better understand how to talk to your clients about accessing credit. 


“We help clients with their working capital needs by assessing their requirements, and looking for the most suitable solution for them. That could be via R&D tax credits, grants and, if necessary, lending via a capital platform.”

– Katherine O’Connell, BDO


Recommended apps

These apps integrate seamlessly with Xero to speed up payments and manage credit.

Discover lending apps.

Show your clients you know cash flow

Take our e-learning course on cash flow management apps and get the badge to show your clients you know your stuff. Download the playbook to look up the right mix of apps to get your clients’ cash flowing.