Manage sole traders faster in five easy steps

Speed up the management of sole trader clients using Xero, and spend the time you save building a more profitable practice.

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Stop wasting time with broken methods

Your smallest clients should be the easiest to manage, but with sole traders that’s not always the case. From shoeboxes full of receipts to error-laden spreadsheets, broken sole trader processes can lead to considerable time investments for accountants and bookkeepers.

Five steps to success

Just follow the five steps below to speed up your practice’s processes and improve the profitability of your smallest clients.

1. Make sure client banking data flows directly into accounts

Set up real-time automatic bank feeds or import historic accounts into Xero. Enable your clients to reconcile in a flash with one-click reconciliation in Xero.


2. Let your clients add expenses and send invoices, from anywhere

Give clients the Xero mobile app for entering invoices and reconciling on the go. Add receipts easily with Receipt Bank or easily do paperwork from your practice.



3. Find and fix errant client information with ease

Save time with find & recode and uncoded statement lines features in Xero. Recode accounts, tax rates, contacts and tracking on transaction lines in a flash.


4. Create powerful management reports in a couple of clicks

Get pre-built sole trader report templates for management reports and final accounts. Data flows in seamlessly and you can personalise reports and add your logo easily.


5. Connect Xero to your accounts production or desktop tax software

Integrate seamlessly with leading accounts production software like Digita and BTC. Post journals automatically in both directions, so you only need to make one entry. 

We’ve been able to make more time to add value to our clients by working closer with them, being more in touch with them and helping them grow. – Adam Davy, Partner, BDO

A better way to manage sole trader clients

When you move sole trader clients to Xero, you get time-saving tools that make managing your smallest clients more efficient. It’s simply the fastest way to manage sole trader accounting.

Connected to banks

Bank transactions flow through the books in real-time, categorisation is automatic and reconciliation only takes a click.

DIY data for clients

Clients get invoicing and expense tracking that connects to their accounts, saving time and reducing client input errors.

Powerful integrations

Xero now integrates with leading accounts production and tax filing software with no need to jump between systems.

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