Make a plan

From client segmentation to scheduling, project management to pricing – you can build the most efficient plan with Xero and the Partner Services team. Make sure you communicate with your team and clients why you’re migrating them to Xero.

You’re three steps away from a plan


1. Get your migration team together


2. Segment your client base


3. Set up for success

1. Get your migration team together

Xero migration projects require the involvement of different people, in different levels in the practice at different times:


Project Manager(s)

Responsible for making sure the project is running on time and fielding strategic decisions.


Project Sponsor

Gives credibility to the migration and has the power to allocate time and resources to its success.


Xero Champions

Provide support to the Project Managers by informing them and the team of new developments and training requirements.

Outside of these key individuals it’s important to remember the rest of your colleagues. A migration project will, at some point, affect everyone within the practice.

See a more in-depth approach to building your team here.

2. Segment your client base

To be efficient you need to know who you’re migrating and when to migrate them.

Client Segmentation gives you this information. It can be used to serve up a list of target clients to migrate each week, month or quarter allowing you to focus on the right clients at the right time.

Watch the video to learn more about segmentation and use this tool to get started. 

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3. Set up for success

Once you’ve segmented your clients and set a timeline, migrating them to Xero is more than simply converting their data. Clients need to be able to deal with the change and this reassurance needs to come from you.

Share a co-branded Xero demonstration video so they understand the ease and benefits of Xero.
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You’ve got to use best of breed products, it’s fundamental now. And Xero is best of breed for bookkeeping

Will Farnell, Farnell Clarke 

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