Time tracking and scheduling that employees love, featuring mobile apps with GPS. 1-click sync to Xero for seamless invoicing and payroll. Loved by over 40,000 companies.

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Beautifully simple employee time tracking and scheduling

Get ready to zero out your illegible, inaccurate paper timesheets with TSheets + Xero Accounting and Payroll. Use TSheets to accurately track time and schedule your employees, anytime, anywhere, and on any device. Then, export that data to Xero with just one click for payroll and invoicing ease. No more manual data entry, no more hunting down errant time cards, and no more wasted time.

TSheets gives you:

  • Accurate-to-the-second time tracking: Track time anytime, anywhere, and from any device. TSheets works wherever you do.

  • Beautifully simple payroll: One-click timesheet syncing with Xero cuts payroll administration time in half. No more manual data entry, no more lost timesheets, and no more human error.

  • Billing & invoicing ease: Track time against multiple clients, service items, and tasks throughout the day. Then, easily create invoices directly in the TSheets app. Bill up to 20% more using TSheets!

  • Revolutionary employee scheduling: Schedule employees anytime, anywhere. Alert employees every time a new schedule is published, updated, or changed. No more missed shifts, no more excuses.

  • Valuable business insight: Generate accurate, automatic, and instant reports in real time. Determine profitability, accurately estimate job costs, forecast payroll expenses, and even evaluate productivity.

Helpful information about TSheets

Who is it for?

If you have employees, you need TSheets, no matter which industry you're in.

Accurate-to-the-second time tracking eliminates time theft and human error, so you only pay for the hours your employees actually worked.

The TSheets mobile app makes it easier than ever to manage a mobile workforce, allowing business owners and managers with multiple locations to see their entire crew in one place, in real time.

And TSheets scheduling is a dream come true for retailers, restaurant workers, and everyone in between.

No employees? No problem. TSheets helps freelancers, accountants and bookkeepers, and other client-centric professionals keep track of client hours for more accurate billing and invoicing.

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How does it work with Xero?

TSheets syncs real-time (and real accurate) timesheet data to Xero with just one click, so you can say goodbye to manual data entry. Once the time is tracked in TSheets, your employee hours are automatically logged to your Xero account and ready for fast and easy payroll. Easily create and edit accurate and branded invoices within the TSheets app, export, and continue editing in Xero. Your final invoices are available for reference anytime, and anywhere you need them.
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How do you sync it with Xero?

Getting started with TSheets + Xero is easy.

  1. Simply sign in to your TSheets account and install the Xero add on.
  2. Connect to your Xero account to import your employees, customers, and inventory items, and start tracking time!
  3. Employees can track time using the TSheets app or desktop site
  4. Admins can export that time data to Xero with just one click to run payroll.
  5. Use the tracked time to publish invoices right from the TSheets app; create, edit, and brand your invoices before sending them to Xero for further editing, or to be submitted to a customer.

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How much does it cost?

With TSheets, you get all the extras at no extra cost. After your free trial period ends, TSheets is $16 per month + $4 per user in the U.S. for time tracking and scheduling (when you pay annually), or $20 per month + $5 per user in Australia.

No employees? No problem — TSheets is always free for freelancers! On top of that, TSheets offers free setup and installation, and they guarantee that you’ll never get hit with annoying maintenance fees.

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Is there a free trial?

TSheets offers a free trial with fast signup and no credit card required. You can cancel anytime. Fall in love with the top-rated and requested time tracking and scheduling solution.
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What countries does it operate in?

TSheets integrates with Xero accounting software globally, and Xero payroll in the United States and Australia. TSheets has helped nearly 20,000 companies worldwide track employee time in more than 100 countries. With offices in the US and Australia, TSheets is available anytime, anywhere — no matter which hemisphere you call home.
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What support does it offer?

The TSheets customer experience team is often touted as the “most helpful and friendly customer service team on the planet!” Every TSheets account comes standard with unlimited customer service by phone, live chat, or email. New to TSheets? The TSheets reps offer free training, account setup, and even employee onboarding. It’s the time tracking and scheduling software employees love and actually use.
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