intelligentpos is an affordable, cloud based EPOS solution for iPad tailored to hospitality and retail requirements. It helps sell more, generate loyalty, increase profits and grow.

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Sell more, generate loyalty, increase profits and grow.

intelligentpos provides the tools to run your business effectively and profitably - it is much more than a simple means of taking and processing payments.  

From managing stock, staff timesheets and running promotions, to getting real time sales and stock reports from the backoffice, our iPad based EPOS system helps you make better decisions and grow your cafe, bar, or restaurant or shop.


Benefits of intelligentpos

  • Higher profits and better business decisions are at your fingertips - intelligentpos provides smart tools, stock and financial reports you can access wherever you are.

  • A great user and customer experience: the system is easy to use, easy to learn and designed to have you waiting on customers not fighting with technology.

  • Seamless integration with the iZettle reader for quick and easy payments.

  • Implement your very own Loyalty program to reward and engage your customers.

  • No surprises. We offer simple, predictable and transparent pricing.

Helpful information about intelligentpos

Who is it for?

Since day one, our mission has been to help our customers to grow their businesses.

As businesses grow, their needs change and become more advanced: intelligentpos delivers the power of big business data to the bar, cafe, restaurant or shop owner, levelling the playing field by providing simple, easy to use and affordable tools with which to compete.

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How do intelligentpos and Xero work together?

intelligentpos has integrated with Xero’s cloud based accountancy software to offer customers an incredibly simple way to manage their finances.

When integrated with Xero, intelligentpos can provide business owners and accountants with the ability to see exactly what is going on at any given moment. Ultimately, being informed helps businesses make better decisions, and our Xero integration allows these decisions to be made in an accurate and timely manner.

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How do you sync it with Xero?

To set up the Xero integration with your intelligentpos account please use the following steps:

  1. Log into intelligent pos Backoffice

  2. Navigate to <Integrations > Configuration>

  3. Then Enable <Xero>

  4. Go to <Xero > Config>

  5. Update Business Days and Active Terminals

  6. Check e-mail is correct, this is where you will receive Xero notifications

    • Add more to account for notifications

    • This is your current intelligentpos e-mail address.

  7. Click “Continue”, this will take you to Xero

  8. On Xero, Log in with existing account  OR  Try for free

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How much does it cost?

intelligentpos offers a simple, predictable and transparent pricing structure.  

Each iPad licence is only £39, which gives you everything you need to manage and grow your business.

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Is there a free trial?

Try intelligentpos free for 14 days, and check out how it can benefit your business.  There are no upfront costs, commitments, credit card requirements or risk.

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What countries does it operate in?

United Kingdom

What support does it offer?

intelligentpos believes in offering a great and reliable product, which is why we offer 7 day UK-based telephone and online support to help with any issues that could affect your EPOS software and hardware.  

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be inspired by these reviews

Rated5out of5

“We just thought it was a great idea to use iPads. We can always use our iPhones to get into the till system when we aren’t there, it is very user-friendly, we have very young staff – they took to it really easily and we’ve progressed with intelligentpos in the same way that we have with the pubs and every year there’s something better in it… it’s just a great system – we recommend it to all our friends that have pubs”

Rated5out of5

“I would definitely recommend the system to others. Because it is very easy to set up, it means that the bar manager, whoever is making the system, is able to conform it to the way that they want to use it.”

Rated5out of5

“intelligentpos is unique in that is brings the power of big epos systems to small businesses.  It gives us ease of use at the front end and the power to look at and analyse sales at the back end”

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