Intelligent automatic debtor chasing with a human touch. Credit control emails that get your invoices paid. Xero Add-on Partner of the Year 2016.

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Use Chaser to reduce your debtor days and maximise your cash flow. Our credit control software provides you with the tools to automate your credit control process and quickly surface the key information about your debtors. With Chaser, you get the optimal outcomes from your credit control in the most time efficient way possible.

Chaser gives you:

  • Best in class automation: Within Chaser, there is a huge amount of personalisation and customisation available. Each chaser you send has the maximum impact, compelling your customer to take action.

  • Automated humanity: Making sure your chasers both look and feel like you’ve sent them personally. Chaser is intelligent, it knows when you are chasing several invoices for the same customer. It can automatically collate all the relevant information into just one chasing email.

  • Intelligence: Chaser provides you with key data about your customers so you consistently get the best possible results from your credit control. Tailor how you chase different customers; chase those customers who pay late more frequently than those who pay on time.

  • Tracking: The entire chasing conversation is stored in one place. If you need to escalate with a phone call or legal letter, you can easily gather all the information you need.

  • Personal touches: Chasers show as coming from your email address, with your email signature and tone of voice – they look just like any other email you would send. And Chaser can send an automatic ‘thank you’ when payment is received.

Helpful information about Chaser

Who is it for?

Businesses: Finance teams who care about getting the very best results from their credit control. From recruitment agencies to construction, Chaser can help any business which sells on payment terms.

Partners: We love to partner with accountants and bookkeepers, helping them to  introduce the benefits of Chaser to their clients.

How does it work with Xero?

Chaser pulls through a copy of your ledger from Xero, so it knows which invoices to chase.

It collects information about each invoice to include in your chasing emails, ensuring your customer has all the information they need to make the payment. You can even include a ‘payable here’ link.

Chaser also gathers customer contact information from Xero. So there’s no manual data entry at any point in the process.

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How do you sync it with Xero?

It’s quick to build a secure connection between your Xero and Chaser accounts.

  1. When you set up your Chaser organisation, you’ll be directed to your Xero login page.
  2. Log in to Xero, choose the appropriate organisation and click Authorise.
  3. Chaser then starts chasing unpaid invoices. It automatically refreshes each time you log in, right before your chasers are due to send, and every 24 hours. So as long as your Xero account is up-to-date, so is Chaser.

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How much does it cost?

After your free trial, Chaser offers a monthly subscription based on the number of invoices you choose to chase each month.

Find a subscription plan to suit you.

Is there a free trial?

You can try Chaser free for up to 90 days.

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What countries does it operate in?

Chaser operates around the globe.

What support does it offer?

Chaser prides itself on the brilliant support offered to users.

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chaser are winners

Xerocon UK 2016 - Add-On Partner of the Year

Xero Developer of the Year 2016

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Rated5out of5

Since we implemented Chaser we have seen a 14.8% drop in our total Debtor days outstanding and a staggering 30.3% improvement in our debtors over 90 days. This has been achieved over just a 2 month period

Rated5out of5

Chaser has reduced the time I spend on my own credit control by at least 80%.

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