Futrli empowers small businesses and accountants to ensure success with its scenario modelling, forecasting, reporting and KPI tracking tools. Harnessing the power of AI, our suite of products translates financial and non-financial data into daily actions providing you with instant financial insights and clarity to make better financial decision making.

Get a real-time, visual view of your or your clients' cash flow, plan for the what-ifs, and make more confident decisions. Float provides award-winning, intuitive cash flow forecasting and management software that business owners can easily understand. Spot cash fluctuations in advance and have confidence in your future plans.

Fathom is an advanced reporting app which helps you to assess business performance, monitor trends and identify improvement opportunities. Creating custom reports and dashboards has never been easier! Fathom also helps you easily consolidated and compare multiple Xero orgs.

Fluidly is defining the new category of Intelligent Cash flow, to help business owners sleep better at night and provide visibility of their financial future. Historically, cash flow management has been stressful, time-consuming and expensive. Fluidly provides the only AI-powered cash flow forecast that requires no modelling whatsoever, using transaction-level detail to produce an accurate financial prediction in minutes.

Spotlight Reporting is an award-winning cloud-based software that offers a great range of comprehensive management reports, fully customisable dashboards, three-way forecasting, and franchise reporting. Spotlight tools deliver clarity for better decision-making and allow accountants to expand their service options, revenue and client satisfaction. Start your free 28-day trial today.

Clarity is the global advisory platform: making business simple. Using blockchain, AI and machine learning we are; helping small business owners build a better business through our step-by-step guides, understand their numbers and helping them access the cash, funding and investment they need to grow and scale profitably.

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