Xerocon Day 2

Thu December 7, 2017
Fair Market

8:00 AM

Exhibition hall and registration open
Coffee, tea, pastries served

9:00 AM

Welcome to Xerocon Day 2

9:15 AM

The Cherished Advisor
Amy Vetter, Chief Relationship Officer - Partner Channel, Xero

Does this describe you? You enter data, crunch numbers and worry that you don’t have time to help your clients actually improve their businesses at a holistic level. Now say hello to cloud technology, artificial intelligence and machine learning. These wonders reduce much of the manual work. Now you have time to focus on the human element. So use that time wisely and create the value clients want. Clearly communicate the meaning of financial data in a way that helps each company succeed and thrive. As a Cherished Advisor, you become a strategic partner that the business appreciates, values and can’t imagine living without.

10:00 AM

Integrative Accounting Services and the Agile Firm

This session uniquely links what you learn in The Cherished Advisor and Xero product updates. The session is interactive and thought provoking – and has you moving, talking and shaping ways to build your fully-integrated practice across four sections:

  1. Staying relevant in an ever changing world
    Don’t think exit strategy. Instead, think ahead and do what you can to make your firm sustainable and attractive to others.
  2. Digital Disruption and the Modern Firm
    Leverage technology to lead change to help your clients create an efficient and successful business.
  3. Improving Efficiency in Client Onboarding
    Learn how to be more agile and forward thinking – and use technology to improve the client onboarding process.
  4. Engaging Talent in the Modern Firm
    Attract and retain top talent with a staffing model that includes learning opportunities, cross-functional collaboration, diversity, coaching and more.

1:00 PM


2:00 PM

Rethinking Diversity

3:00 PM

External Keynote to be announced

4:00 PM

Xerocon Austin wrap up
Keri Gohman

4:30 PM

Xerocon Day 2 ends

6:20 PM - Late

Xerocon Party at Brazos

It’s time to mix, mingle and kick up your heels on the Xerocon dance floor. Drinks and food will be served + fun will be had by all.

*Schedule subject to change

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