Xerocon Day 1

Wed December 6, 2017
Fair Market

8:00 AM

Exhibition hall and registration open
Coffee, tea, pastries served

9:00 AM

Welcome to Xerocon Austin

9:15 AM

Opening Keynote
Keri Gohman, President, Xero Americas

10:00 AM

The Future is Now
Rod Drury, CEO and Co-Founder, Xero

There have been countless discussions on accounting’s future, what will be, the changes on the horizon – and the effects on your practice, job and industry. That future starts today. Rod walks you through real examples and implications of how connected accounting, machine learning and artificial intelligence impact the industry today and what will quickly come next.

10:30 AM


11:00 AM

External Keynote: How to run a beautiful business in the age of machines
Tim Leberecht, author and consultant

Tim Leberecht, global business advisor and bestselling author, speaks of business life post-automation. He notes a clear shift from a smart age to a new romantic era in which imaginative and emotional companies hold the advantage. He inspires you to think about your business differently and proposes four principles that enable you to thrive while maintaining your humanity in the age of machines.

11:45 AM

Powering an efficient practice in the digital world
Anna Curzon, Chief Partner Officer, Xero

Accountants and bookkeepers are at the heart of Xero. That’s why you turn to Xero for world-class tools and technology to get you closer to your clients – and to enjoy greater efficiencies, build stronger relationships and offer superior advice. Now learn the next wave of enhancements to Xero HQ, partner products and the Xero Partner Programme.

12:30 PM


1:30 PM

What's new in Xero?
Herman Man, VP Product, Xero Americas

Who doesn’t like shiny, new toys? Good news, as there are plenty of exciting innovations coming your way. Be the first to learn about new Xero features designed to power your practice and open doors to growth opportunities. Also explore how automation and machine learning help small businesses, and what this means for you and your practice.

2:30 PM

Panel Discussion

3:30 PM


4:00 PM

External keynote to be announced

5:00 PM

Xerocon Day 1 ends

*Schedule is subject to change

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