Accountant Online

Xero Partner of the Year Ireland

A clear passion for educating others on the benefits of cloud technology helped Accountant Online stand out to the judges. “I loved the investment in their training schedule,” said Glen Foster, Xero Sales Director (UK & EMEA). Last April the firm began weekly webinars to provide support and address worries about the impact of Covid-19. Noticing a major client concern was a lack of control over finances, they took the opportunity to educate on how Xero could help with this, convincing many clients to migrate. At the same time they implemented a Xero training programme to get 20 staff members to certified advisors. Webinars — both for existing and prospective clients — are now an integral part of Accountant Online’s business, with the firm seeking continual feedback to keep improving their sessions and recording them for those who are unable to attend live.  

The firm has embraced technology to better their own practice, including moving internal bookkeeping and accounts production jobs to Xero, using Spotlight for management reports and integrating Xero with products like Senta, Stripe, GoCardless, WooCommerce and Go Proposal — all of which has saved significant amounts of time and improved customer service. “They’ve adopted a bunch of different tools to help digitize their firm,” said Foster. “It feels like they’re really nailing it from both a digitalization and knowledge sharing perspective.”