Run your business by working smarter, not longer

Feel like you’re chained to your business? Picture a world where you can run your business on your terms, then make it a reality in five simple steps.

The big picture of small business productivity

When you’re drowning in paperwork, it’s hard to switch off from your business. There’s so much to do and in so little time… it can wear on even the hardiest business owner.

Small business tools like software can help, but a recent survey revealed that although 61% of entrepreneurs believe technology is very important, 45% admitted not having the right tools to run their business adequately.

So stop letting admin get in the way of productivity and get the tools you need. Here are five tips to help you run your business your way with more time and control than ever.

1. Stop drowning in paperwork

It’s easy to put off paperwork… there’s always tomorrow, right? But then comes crunchtime, when you’re facing a huge stack of paperwork and your deadline is approaching fast. If only you could keep up with it as you go. Well, that’s where software can help. Some apps help you record transactions instantly and others can even tie that together with expenses and accounting to make bookkeeping effortless.

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2. Find enough time to do it all

When you’ve got a hundred balls in the air, it can be hard to keep up. So stop juggling. Software is your best friend when it comes to automatic processes. Financial record-keeping, bill payments, report building, compliance… it’s easy to automate many of the time-sapping tasks that keep you from growing your business with the right app. And when you’ve automated everything you can, you can focus on pursuing your passion.

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3. Don’t waste time chasing payments

Chasing late payments is easily one of the most frustrating things a business owner has to do. Not only are the conversations awkward, but you feel you should be busy making money, not chasing it. Apps that automate your invoice reminders give you time back, and make sure late payments don’t lead to awkward conversations… as well as making sure you get paid faster.

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4. Run business on your terms

Delegation is a critical part of building a sustainable business. It stops you from being bogged down in the details, letting you get on with the things that keep the business ticking. Online accounting software does some tasks automatically – like bank transaction imports – and lets you delegate other tasks to staff or your accountant, so you’ve got more time to focus on your business.

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5. Banish paper files and IT worries

There’s nothing worse than putting in the hard yards to keep up with your paperwork, only to lose all your progress when a hard drive fails or a paper file goes missing. It’s a compliance nightmare, and that’s before you think about the time lost to a do-over. Online software is the perfect solution, automatically backing up and storing your records on secure servers. Laptop dead? No problem. Boot up a new one and pick up where you left off.

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Everything you need to take back control

Xero is online software for small businesses that gives you everything you need to save time. Forget the tedium of paperwork and get back to running business your way.

Easy expense claims

Snap a photo of receipts to record an expense, then manage claims in a few clicks – all from your mobile phone, tablet or computer – with easy built-in tools. 

online payments
One-click reconciliation

Once you’ve connected your bank account for automatic imports, Xero automatically categorises your transactions, so reconciliation only takes a click.

Unlimited users

Add any number of staff into Xero with the level of access you choose. Then add your accountant or bookkeeper to keep an eye on things in real-time.

Automate invoice reminders

Send customised invoices in Xero, on your phone, tablet or computer. Then schedule automatic reminders for the perfect times, before and/or after the invoice due date.

Simple contact management

See all of your communications and transactions with any single client in Xero, making relationship management faster and easier than ever.

Explore more about Xero here.

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