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Build the future

We're building for the future and we want you to join us on our journey. We know you're not one to wait around for things to happen and neither are we. So let's get started. If you're a dev, up for changing the way the world does business (pretty ambitious, right?) and want to influence the way we harness machine learning, AWS and the latest tech, keep reading.

Xero Machine Learning

Machine learning

You can help make our software smarter, faster and more intuitive for small business owners, accountants and bookkeepers.

Xero AWS

Amazon Web Services

We're exploring new ways to leverage AWS. We've got a box full of shiny new stuff, so wanna play?

Xero Latest Tech

Latest technology

We're always open to trying new things. At the moment we're talking about ReactJS, ES6, .NET Core and AWS Lambda. You can shape where your team goes next.

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Who's Xero?

We're changing the way the world does business. We don't just build accounting software, we harness the power of the cloud to connect businesses like never before. Our start-up turns 10 next year and we're gonna make it a birthday to remember. See you at the party.

Why Wellington?

It's kinda nice being tucked away in a windy little corner of the Southern Hemisphere. Our home, often called the coolest little capital in the world, is an incubator for innovation.

Keep good company

Our little city houses more than 800 start-ups (and we're one of 'em). And to namedrop a few, we've got Weta and Park Road Post around the corner. You know, just the Academy Award-winning makers of The Hobbit and Avatar.


Wellington harbour

Where's Wellington?

If you just had to google Wellington, you'll see that we're the capital of New Zealand. That might sound forever away, but really it's like a mini global city. Our pint-sized postcode has more coffee shops, bars and restaurants per capita than NYC. 


Wellington nightlife

Bring the family

If you ask a Wellingtonian how long it will take to get somewhere, it's never longer than 20 minutes. The city is compact with trains, buses or a mere stroll between work and home. That means you can leave your desk and be asking the kids to get their elbows off the table in under half an hour. 


NZ family

What's there to do?

As you fly into Wellington you'll instantly see why people love this city. What the locals call the 'green belt' is the beautiful native bush throughout this hilly city. Nature is literally on your doorstep, we've got paddleboards you can borrow but you might want to pack your mountain bike.


Paddleboarding in Wellington

When the sun goes down

What we lack in size we make up for with creative talent. See it on show at our galleries, theatres, boutique cinemas and live music venues. Flight of the Conchords started on these small stages, so who knows who you might see next. 


Wellington theatre

Discover Wellington

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After years of living in London, I gotta say this is hands-down the best decision I ever made. I think of it as a mini-London – fewer people but just as vibrant. I've learnt and experienced so much in Aotearoa, including some Te Reo Maori. Come say Kia Ora at Xero – Katie Byrne

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