Make your first sales

This practical guide is Step 4 of our Startup Kit written by Emma Jones, founder of Enterprise Nation. The course walks you through turning your idea into a thriving business.

With your new business identity established, you’re ready to start making sales. Even if you may not have direct selling experience, your passion and knowledge will take you far. Here’s how to go about it.

1. Make a list (check it twice)

Draw on your existing resources, grab your address book and select the friends, family, colleagues and acquaintances you think might be interested in your product or service. Add to the list with details of local people and businesses too.

2. Pitch up

Contact the people on your list and announce your new business venture. Consider this an opportunity to make your pitch, but don’t be too pushy. Remember to address each recipient personally. No one likes mass emails!

3. Follow up

Follow up in a few days’ time, either with another email or, better still, a phone call. Take some soundings as to the success of your pitch and react accordingly. If the potential customer or client sounds keen, go for it! Arrange to meet him or her to show your product or explain more about your service.

4. Meet up

Arrange a time and place to meet that’s convenient for your potential customer or client. Be professional, but also likeable. These are equally important characteristics when making a sale. If the customer agrees to the deal, bring the meeting to a fairly speedy end. Your job is done – for now. It’s time to head home and deliver on the promise you made with your first customer.

5. Make some noise

Once you’ve made your first sale – shout about it! If your new customer or client agrees, include them in a press release or write about them on your website or blog, so other potential customers or clients can see that you’re well and truly in business!


Don’t despair if sales don’t come right away as they rarely do! Persevere, keep track of leads and keep following up. Your first sale will come.  

Next, I’ll take you through how to get your business noticed with PR and pitching to media. Or get started with my Startup Kit that helps you to build and grow your own business.


About Emma Jones

Emma is founder of small business network Enterprise Nation. Emma has since written a number of best-selling business books, including Spare Room Start-Up, Working 5 to 9, Go Global and the StartUp Kit. Emma was awarded an MBE for services to enterprise in 2012.


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