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Keith from Leather Satchel Co.

Master craftsmanship in Liverpool

Out of Liverpool’s cultural hotbed comes another testament to the city’s innate innovation – Keith Hanshaw’s family business is changing the game through novel approaches to ecommerce and design. It's that same commitment to progress that helped them survive a tough climate in the 90s, and it’s still driving them forward today.

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Xero - Curry Leaf Cafe
Xero - Curry Leaf Cafe

Euan and Kanthi from Curry Leaf Cafe

Authentic Indian food in Brighton

A stone’s throw from Brighton’s famous pier, two housemates-come-colleagues are cooking up a beautiful business – and Xero is the secret ingredient. The Curry Leaf Cafe stays true to South India’s rich and eclectic culinary tradition, complementing delectable bites with a curated selection of craft beers. Yes – it’s Indian food, but not as you know it.

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Sam and Elliot from Lagom

Bristol-based lifestyle magazine

Meet Elliot and Sam. Motivated by the people behind creative industries, this husband and wife duo started Lagom to showcase balanced, beautiful lifestyles. Their magazine uncovers stories from around the world that inspire them and their readers. Xero means Sam and Elliot can stay on top of the financials without laborious number-crunching sessions… you might say it’s helping them to find balance.

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Xero Accounting Software
Xero Accounting Software

Max from Hotpod Yoga

Nationwide accessible hot yoga classes

Max, a former management consultant, is a firm believer in innovation and now his franchise is putting yoga on its head. Hotpod Yoga is the result of a serendipitous injury and a bold idea – their accessible vinyasa flow-based yoga classes smash the entry barriers to a traditionally cliquey practice. Max uses Xero to get a clear view of business finances, so the wheels of change keep turning. 

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The Team at Honest Brew

Craft beer subscriptions out of London

Andrew, Annabel, Craig and Tim’s small business, Honest Brew, sends boxes packed full of beautiful brews to subscribers across the UK. And with more than 40,000 bottles shipping each month, business is good.

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