High-tech companies run better with cloud accounting software

Innovating fast is in your DNA. But business basics – like balancing your books – can sometimes slow you down. Whether it’s preparing reports for investors or partners, or making key decisions based on cashflow and burn rate, getting your hands on the right financial data is critical. Especially in this 24/7 world where you’re just as likely to be working from home as in an airport.

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How Xero can help your high tech business

At Xero, we understand innovation. Completely. That’s why we designed our easy-to-use accounting solution in the cloud, for the cloud. Xero gives high-tech organisations complete visibility into all aspects of the business, including cashflow, invoicing and online payments. And Xero provides anytime, anywhere access, so you and your key stakeholders always have the insights you need. 

For you, this means less time balancing the books and more time innovating. And when you have immediate access to the health of your business all in one place, you can manage your business effectively and confidently – just what investors want to see.

Dashboard Detail

For 74bit, managing their finances is now a simple task

We’re singularly focused on providing IT services. But Xero is so easy we can do our accounting 
in-house with Xero. It’s that quick.

74bit’s old desktop accounting solution made it difficult to enable multiple users and version control. That’s what happens when there’s only one database. Xero took complex things and made them simple.

"Xero has been with us throughout our growth. It kept up with changes, adding healthcare, dealing with payroll. It’s scaled with us, quietly on the background, and it produced value without us having to change something."

Jonathan Spiva, Founder, 74bit Inc.

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Popular features that will change your life

Accounting software with all the time-saving tools you need to grow your business.
Xero is always secure and reliable and our experts are here to support you 24/7.


Get a real-time view of your business financials with our convenient dashboard.

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Create customised recurring invoices – and know when they’re opened.

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Enjoy batch payments and the speed of snapping photos of receipts for expensing.

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Unlimited Users

Add staff or your accountant to view your data at the same time in real time.

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Update your payroll data into your general ledger – quickly and automatically.

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Manage business financials – such as invoicing and expensing – from the road.

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We play nicely with others

Xero integrates with hundreds of time-saving business applications. From inventory management, invoicing and time tracking, there’s specialised software that’s right for your business.


Streamline your billing process with simple time tracking, powerful reporting, and quick invoicing.


Cash flow for forward thinkers. Visualise your bank balance next week, month, year & beyond.

Receipt Bank

Convert your receipts and invoices quickly, accurately and efficiently into Xero data.

More apps

Customise your Xero experience with over 500 third-party tools.

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