UK Spokespeople

Meet our UK experts

Our spokespeople provide insights into the vision, mission and direction of the company, but are also experts in their own right on their areas of specialism. Find out more about our spokespeople and discover their most recent features and communications here.

Gary Turner

Managing Director, UK & EMEA

Gary Turner is a 25-year veteran of the UK’s software industry and Managing Director at Xero, joining the startup shortly after its UK launch in 2009.

A visionary on SaaS and technology in general, Gary is renowned for his prescience and trend spotting. He is passionate about small business, being an active investor in startups, and delights in building better businesses using his wealth of experience and thought leadership. He’s also a dab hand with a guitar.

Areas of expertise: Technology, SaaS, small business 

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Damon Anderson

Director of Partner & Product, UK & EMEA

Damon is an international leader in fintech with over 15 years of experience delivering cutting-edge digital marketing and payments technology.  

As Director of Partner at Xero, Damon understands the ins and outs of accounting and bookkeeping. With extensive fintech experience, he understands how regulatory challenges like Making Tax Digital can become opportunities for partners.

Areas of expertise: Accountancy & bookkeeping, Making Tax Digital, artificial intelligence, UK product strategy

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Donna Torres

Director of SMB & Commercial Operations, UK & EMEA

Joining Xero when the UK business had fewer than 50 people, Donna helped to transform the sales team into global award winners.

Donna is an incisive thinker with deep knowledge of the small business landscape. Passionate about supporting entrepreneurs, she has become an authority on Making Tax Digital for business (MTDfb) – one of the key challenges and opportunities on the horizon.

Areas of expertise: Small business, Making Tax Digital for business (MTDfb), Cash flow

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Edward Berks

Director of Platform Business, UK & EMEA

Edward leads Xero's engagement with banks, fintechs and strategic partners. He brings considerable experience in business applications, seeking opportunities to improve and remove friction from business processes through partnerships and integrations.

Edward is passionate about helping Xero customers realise the value of their data - whether to improve cash flow, access the right financial services or simply make the best decisions.

Areas of expertise: Banking, Fintech, Ecosystem, Open Banking

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