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We know your time is valuable, so we've hand-selected some great courses that will get you recertified in no time at all. Don't delay, complete a course/s below and you'll be back enjoying all the benefits of Certification before you know it. 

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Some other courses to get you recertified

2 Advisor CREDITS

Budgeting for financial success

Understand how Xero's Budget Manager helps you use Xero to your best advantage for planning the financials of your client's business View course

Self-paced learning - 25 MINUTES

6 Advisor CREDITS

Creating Practice Reports

This video series focuses on building and customising your practice-level reporting templates in Partner Edition. View course

Self-paced learning

2 Advisor CREDITS

Customising reports for better analysis

Find out how to utilise Xero's features in customising Reports, to better analyse your Client's data View course

Self-paced learning - 10 MINUTES

2 Advisor CREDITS

Find and Recode

Learn how to use Find and Recode to recode accounts, tax rates, tracking and contacts across multiple transaction lines. View course

Self-paced learning

3 Advisor CREDITS

Get to know Xero HQ - Global

Take a quick look at the exciting features available in Xero HQ. View course

Self-paced learning - 47 MINUTES

5 Advisor CREDITS

How to Demo Xero (Global)

Jump in for a 60 minute insight on how to wow your clients by demonstrating some of Xero's finest features. View course

Self-paced learning

6 Advisor CREDITS

Preparing Accounts Using Practice Reports

This course will take you through the steps required to prepare a set of client financial statements using your practice report templates. View course

Self-paced learning

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