From sweating the small stuff, to big-picture thinking

Ciara and Ling from The Mindful Company are on a mission to create meaningful jewellery and start important conversations. And with Xero, they’re able to do just that.

From corporate sector, to creating a movement

Ciara and Ling never really dreamed that one day, they’d have a jewellery business, let alone one that brings encouragement, inspiration and sentimental value to people. But since August 2015, that’s exactly what they’ve been doing with The Mindful Company.

During their regular day jobs as a lawyer and tax advisor, both Ciara and Ling felt the world around them could be a little more positive, and mindful. People they knew seemed to be going through tough times, and growing up in communities that helped each other, they knew that even the smallest gestures could make the biggest difference.

The solution? Make thoughtful jewellery that brought a little light into everyone’s day.

We started with our Reminder Cuffs because we wanted a way to encourage the people around us, who mostly worked in office jobs.

From part-time job, to full-time vision

Though the pieces themselves were subtle and elegant, they were equally as important in what they stood for. It wasn’t long before word eventually spread, and both Ciara and Ling found that they were spending almost all of their free time working on new designs, sourcing jewellery, and making trips to and from the post office. As a result, the conversation eventually turned towards taking the business full-time.

“It was a considered decision. After carefully thinking about our financial constraints, the opportunity cost, and whether we found the work meaningful, we transitioned to full-time entrepreneurship.”

And that’s exactly what they did. But the idea of spending hours getting their accounting in order didn’t sound as exciting. They had bigger things to worry about.  

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From complicated ways, to automated days

In the beginning, getting the books in order meant working off spreadsheets that were both time-consuming and complicated – which isn’t ideal if you’re trying to spread a positive message with the world. So after doing some careful research, the emerging entrepreneurs chose to give Xero a try, with the hopes of getting rid of the spreadsheets once and for all.

“For a SME like us, it was a no-brainer. Xero’s constantly making the system better and smarter, which means one less thing to worry about.”

Since their switch to Xero, one of the most useful features for the business has been the automatic reconciling tool. This not only saves them hours of manually matching their accounting records against their bank transactions, but it allows them to focus on their community of supportive customers and non-profit commitments too. And for a business like theirs, that’s exactly where they draw their inspiration from.

Xero’s bank reconciliation feature saves The Mindful Company hours on admin, while also giving them daily updates on their business finances. And by moving their accounting online with Xero, Ciara and Ling now spend less than 3-5 hours a month on their books, which is 4-5 times less than if they were doing it manually on spreadsheets. That’s because Xero connects directly with local banks in Singapore, so their bank account transactions are sent automatically into Xero each business day. This saves them hours of manual work, and ensures their accounting data in Xero is error-free.


Honestly, our customers and non-profit partners are the reason that The Mindful Company has purpose. We started the brand to encourage, and we’re hopeful that our jewellery is out there doing just that.

- Ciara & Ling / The Mindful Company

Another great feature of Xero has been its ability to work seamlessly with their online store, along with the applications they already had in place. Xero connects with more than 700 third-party apps, like payroll, inventory, e-commerce and more, to solve their industry and business needs.

“It’s great that Xero integrates with other key systems we use like Shopify and Tradegecko. It makes life so much easier that they all talk to each other. Also, using apps like receipt bank that uploads invoices and receipts directly into Xero, is a huge time-saver.”

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Putting their purpose into practice

Today, The Mindful Company employs over 13 staff and is continuing to grow each and every year. With plans to expand their offering into new and creative territories, and to continue to work with even more local non-profit organisations, Ciara and Ling know that their message is an important one to share with the world.

And with the help of Xero, they can continue to focus on delivering that message loud and clear.

“The Mindful Company is our way to start conversations around what matters, mental wellbeing, and what it means to be kind. We hope that in five years, it’s still encouraging people to start those same, meaningful conversations.”

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