Boma takes care of your marketing and advertising campaigns while you take care of your business.

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Self-drive marketing

Boma is self-drive marketing that allows you to grow your business without the need for creative or marketing skills. Use Boma to create and distribute digital advertising campaigns. And let Boma’s campaign builder guide you through an email or social media campaign that can be published from a desktop or mobile in minutes.

Boma Marketing gives you:

  • Effortless content creation - Access to a huge library of over 250,000 free professional stock images for use in your campaigns – or you can use your own images.

  • Multi-channel reformatting: Boma automatically reformats your content to fit all of the channels you select. It’s a design once, apply everywhere, approach.

  • Rich customer profiles: Boma facilitates a deep understanding of your customers based on their behaviour across multiple channels.

  • Smart segments: Boma’s advanced machine learning capability continuously crunches your campaign data, suggesting new ideas and opportunities to better engage with your audience.

Boma Marketing + Xero HQ

A library of purpose-built marketing content designed by Xero is incorporated in Boma. Using accurate, up-to-date client data from Xero HQ, Boma selects relevant material so you can create and distribute the right digital campaigns to the right client.

How do you sync it with Xero HQ?
  1. In Boma Marketing, navigate to Settings.

  2. Select Connect to Xero HQ.

  3. Log into Xero HQ, select the practice, then click Allow Access.

  4. Confirm that you want to sync your Xero HQ contacts with Boma. Depending on the number of contacts you have this may take from a few seconds to several minutes

  5. When the sync is complete, go to the Contacts page to view your newly added contacts.

Helpful information about Boma Marketing

Who is Boma Marketing for?

Boma Marketing is designed for all types of business, as a very easy-to-use automated marketing platform that takes the risk, time and complexity out of online marketing. It’s for businesses looking to grow, increase engagement with existing clients or customers, or improve efficiency in communication processes.

What countries does it operate in?

Boma Marketing operates globally.

How much does it cost?

The cost of Boma Marketing is based on the number of contacts you have.

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Is there a free trial?

Yes, Boma Marketing has a 14-day free trial.

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What support do they offer?


Boma Marketing offers support to all users via their online help centre or you can contact Boma and they’ll get back to you promptly.

be inspired by these reviews

Rated5out of5

“The machine learning insights are something that will give us more confidence and also save us a lot of time. There’s nothing like Boma in the market.”

Rated5out of5

“The Boma platform appeals greatly to us, especially around its use of AI to build dynamic personas to automate content creation and delivery based on that persona.”

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