Spotlight Reporting is Xero’s Partner of the year 2014 and 2016 awards winner. Spotlight Reporting offers a great range of comprehensive management reports, fully customisable dashboards, three-way forecasting, and franchise reporting that deliver clarity for better decision-making and allow accountants to expand their service options, revenue and client satisfaction.

Fathom is a reporting and financial analysis tool which helps accountants and advisors gain deeper insights into their client’s business performance. Creating dashboards and beautifully tailored management reports has never been easier! Fathom also provides advanced reporting features such as consolidations, benchmarking and tracking category analysis.

Float is cashflow forecasting software that connects to Xero to automatically update forecasts with actual transactions, saving you hours each month and letting you focus on planning the future instead of reconciling the past. Use Float for an accurate, detail-rich short term operational forecast to make business decisions with confidence.

In today’s world, your firm must evolve quickly to meet your clients’ needs. We help firms get started with advisory services, or do it better. From onboarding to certification, to our cashflow forecasting, and insights/reporting platform, to back it all up, we'll help your practice to embrace the future.

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