Xero Projects

Xero Projects is a simple job costing tool that allows you to track time and expenses against each job. Learn how to set up projects, enter time, allocate expenses, invoice customers and report on the numbers.

Get started with Xero Projects

In this lesson you’ll learn about the benefits of using Xero Projects, and the user roles you can assign to your staff member.

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Set up a new project

Create projects and add tasks. Use inventory items for common tasks to save data entry time. Copy a project including their tasks to save time creating a project that is similar to an existing project. Delete a project that has no activity recorded.

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Add and edit time

Add time to your projects in the office or on your mobile device while on the go. Use the timer to record time spent on a project. Save data entry time by copying similar time entries from another project.

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Add and edit expenses

Speed up data entry by using tracked or untracked inventory items as common expenses. If you receive a bill from a supplier, or create a spend money transaction, you can attach these to a project. Or manually add an expense directly against a project.

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Create Project invoices

With Xero Projects you can create fixed price, time and materials, or progress payment invoices based on actual project information, saving you time and avoiding errors.

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View Projects reports

Use the Detail or Summary reports to review project financials and check out the Detailed time report to see how your team is spending their time on projects.  

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