Add productivity targets

Step 1: Staff Settings

Staff capacity refers to the daily availability in hours for each staff member and their target billable percentage for the week. For example, Chloe works 35 hours a week and has a target of 80%. This means she is expected to record 28 billable hours every week to meet her target.

Key Learning Points

  • To track staff productivity in the firm, add staff capacity settings.
  • To monitor non billable time, you have to create internal jobs. You will learn about internal jobs in the next section about Job Settings.

Tips & Tricks

  • Once you start working in the application, you may want to adjust the target percentages to ensure that you are setting realistic expectations.
  • Staff members can use the Productivity chart in the Dashboard to track their weekly productivity.
  • You can use the Productivity Dashboard in the Reports menu to track overall productivity in your firm.

What should I do now?

  • If you are planning to track staff productivity in your firm, then enter the capacity settings for all staff members now, then continue to Step 2: Job Settings.

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