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Xero's pledge to bookkeepers

We are living in an age where new technology is profoundly changing the way bookkeepers work. Artificial intelligence, machine learning and automation technology are introducing both new opportunities and new tensions.

While we should not resist the change that is upon us, we can control how best to respond to it, and take advantage of it. This means working together to evolve the role bookkeepers play, opening up new opportunities so that they and their clients can continue to thrive. It means making a conscious choice to balance the promise of technology with the distinctly human benefits that come from a long-term relationship between a bookkeeper and a small business.

We must avoid the temptation to believe the hype that the future will soon be dominated solely by technology. This is a future, already alive in the imaginations of many, where the work traditionally done by bookkeepers is eliminated and replaced by AI and on-demand, Uber-like services.

At Xero, we are proud to deliver some of the most innovative technology that the bookkeeping industry has ever seen. But we are also determined to forge a future where the distinctly human contributions of bookkeepers continue to shine through. We want to use technology not to replace the work of bookkeepers, but to enhance the positive impact bookkeepers have always delivered.

Our industry is at a crossroads. We are facing a clear choice. Do we believe that the role of a bookkeeper is simply to collect and process data? Or, do we believe that the role of a bookkeeper is to engage deeply and understand what makes each and every small business unique?

Since Xero’s beginnings, we’ve partnered deeply with bookkeepers because small business success is fundamentally about people. We remain committed to partner with bookkeepers, to find new ways to help them thrive, and to build a stronger future together.

At Xero, our choice is clear: technology can only succeed when it improves human relationships. We believe people innovate – technology doesn't.

Keri Gohman

Keri Gohman
President, Americas