Bills + Expenses

Datamolino cuts your bookkeeping time in half! Automate data entry from bills, invoices and receipts and push it straight to Xero – including descriptions and line items. Say goodbye to manual data entry forever!

Expensify delivers cloud-based receipt and expense management through a user-friendly web and mobile application. With a direct integration to Xero and other workflow tools, Expensify automates your expense reporting process from the moment you get your first receipt to when the accountant exports the final report into Xero.

Receipt Bank is the fastest, easiest and most accurate way to get your clients’ data into Xero. Clients submit items via our award-winning app or email-in, we extract the data automatically. No more chasing, no more data entry. Just effortless bookkeeping. That’s why we’re Xero’s top-rated app.

The cloud workflow system ApprovalMax provides multi-step and multi-role approvals for any business. Coupled with cloud accounting software such as Xero, it enables a flexible definition of approval authorisation levels and automation of approval processes for finance and accounting. ApprovalMax ensures better process control and fosters compliance and audit readiness.

AutoEntry is an intelligent, automated cloud-based solution which eliminates bookkeeping data entry for accountants and bookkeepers. Available on both web and mobile apps, AutoEntry captures and analyses data from scanned and photographed invoices, receipts, bank statements and more, and inputs it directly into your accounting software.

EzzyBills, the first invoice processing system that uses Deep Learning. It is 100% automatic. Upload or email your invoices and receipts to EzzyBills, they will be in your Xero account in seconds. Support both purchases and sales, scanned files or PDF. Line items and GL codes. 30 days Free Trial.

Pleo is a business spending solution that offers smart payment cards for employees, enabling them to buy the things they need for work, while giving companies full control and visibility of all company spending in real-time. Connect Pleo directly with Xero and finally say goodbye to petty cash, expense reports and paper receipts.

Expend is creating the world’s best expense and company payment solution. We love Xero and we've built a first-class integration for individuals and teams. Pay with your Expend card and forget about receipts, reimbursements, and unnecessary paperwork. Get on with the work that really matters. Made with love in London. Come see us and help shape the future of expense management.

Basecone makes the lives of accountants and bookkeepers easier. It’s where Accounting Magic Happens. Invoices and receipts can be easily uploaded, reviewed, approved and booked in real time into Xero. All documents online available - anywhere, anytime. Flat fee rates for unlimited processing. Try our free trial now.

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