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Head back to school this year with an upgrade to your accounting system. Xero makes it easy to track school fees, manage expenses and customise reports for stakeholders. Find out why more than a third of New Zealand schools already trust and use Xero, and get a head start on your year.

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How Xero can help your school

Xero is the ideal online accounting software for schools because it’s affordable, easy to use, and offers unlimited users. Xero provides integrated bank feeds, which automatically import transactions every day, so you can keep your finances up to date. You can easily create customised reports to share with stakeholders anytime, anywhere. Best of all, Xero keeps all your data secure and offers free online training and help to get you up and running. Or we can recommend advisors to help you switch from outdated accounting systems – so your school can make the best use of its funding.

Integrated bank feeds keep your cash flow up to date and powerful reporting options give you plenty of flexibility to handle your schools unique requirements.



“Our time savings have been significant. Our system is always up to date with minimal effort, so we’re providing our users with accurate and timely information every day. Bank reconciliation, invoices, bills, receipts and payments, journals, fixed assets – all done daily! And it’s so easy to use the reporting and search functions to customise reports for different stakeholders. Xero is definitely the most cost effective accounting software I have ever used.”  

- Christine Routledge, Business Manager, Albany Senior High School

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Are you using Xero in your school?  Watch our ‘Creating efficiencies for schools with Xero’ video here or check out our Schools Learning Pathway.

Experience what it takes to run a business

The Tycoon games teach players how to successfully run a business and discover the tools needed to excel in the future of business. From invoicing jobs to research and development, students will learn financial literacy and business evolution skills as they progress through the games. The games were developed by JOY Business Academy in association with the Ministry of Social Development, as well as BNZ and Xero.

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Xero Tycoon

Small Business Guides

Explore these guides to help you manage your school finances on Xero.

Popular features that will change your life

Accounting software with all the time-saving tools you need to run your school. 

Xero is always secure and reliable and our experts are here to support you 24/7.

Bank Reconciliation

Automatically import your bank transactions on a daily basis, saving you time and money.

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Quickly prepare and share detailed reports in real time.

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Unlimited users

Add staff or your accountant to view your data at the same time in real time.

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Xero plays nicely with others

Xero integrates with hundreds of add-on applications. From banking partners and student management systems, to ecommerce and reporting applications, there’s specialised software to handle all of your school’s unique demands.


Simplifying budgets and reporting for NZ schools, including the Kiwi Park model reporting.



Seamlessly connect Vend with Xero for a true, real-time view of your performance.

Spotlight Reporting

Create easy, great-looking performance reports, dashboards, forecasts

More add-ons

Customise your Xero experience with over 450 third-party tools.