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Retail businesses from around the world share their stories about why they’re passionate about what they do and how Xero helped them along the way.

Inspirational retail businesses

Running your own retail business can be hard. Read the challenges and successes of real life retail business owners from around the world.

Evansdale Cheese

How an innovative idea sparked a family business

Read Pablo and Colleen's story

Organic Dynamic

Turning a passion for surfing into a sustainable brand

Read Jack's story


Finding the ingredients for an artisanal bakery

Read Ryan and Ed's story

Raw Kitchen

Realising the benefits of a plant-based diet

Read Olivia's story


From refugee to global entrepreneur

Read Gosia's story

Lune Croissanterie

How an aerodynamicist for F1 engineered the perfect croissant

Read Kate's story

Penny Farthing Dan

Bringing a 19th century racing bike into the 21st century

Read Dan's story

German Cuckoo Clocks

How one family brought the Black Forest to the Gold Coast

Read Stef and Anton's story

Horsetooth Hot Sauce

John Comeau owes his hot sauce company’s launch to his mother

Read John's story

Olive and Poppy

Learn how a love for wine country turned into a successful business

Read Olive and Poppy's story

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