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Getting set up in Xero

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Learning objectives

You’ve made the decision to move to Xero but you need some help getting started. Well, you’ve come to the right place!

This video series will take you through all the steps required to get your Xero organisation up and running. You can watch all the videos, or just the ones that you need help with. The whole course will take you less than 45 mins to complete - how easy is that!

Course outline

    This series consists of 15 bite-sized videos, designed to guide you through the set up of your Xero organisation.

    The videos cover the following topics:
    • Setting up a Xero organisation
    • The Xero Dashboard
    • Organisation Settings
    • Financial Settings
    • Chart of Accounts
    • Inviting Users
    • Invoice Settings
    • Creating Invoices
    • Importing Invoices
    • Creating Bills
    • Importing Bills
    • Adding a bank account
    • Contacts
    • Conversion Balances
    • Managing your subscription

Topics covered

  • Bills
  • Chart of accounts
  • Sales Tax
  • Conversion
  • GST
  • Bank
  • Settings
  • Users
  • Dashboard
  • Contacts
  • Invoicing

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