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Get Paid Faster with Xero

Live webinar



Learning objectives

  • Recognise the importance of timely customer payments
  • Understand the benefit of invoice reminders and learn how to enable them
  • Discover what payment services are available in Xero
  • Distinguish between Stripe, Paypal and GoCardless
  • Understand the benefit of payment services and learn how to implement them

Course outline

    • Discuss the importance of getting paid faster
    • Offer Xero as an all-epcompasding solution
    • Introduce invoice reminders, discuss the benefit they offer, and illustrate how to enable them
    • Introduce payment services and discuss the benefits they offer
    • Compare Stripe, Paypal and GoCardless
    • Illustrate how to implement said payment services

Topics covered

  • Invoicing
  • Apps
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