About this course

Practice Manager Self Implementation Programme

About this course

What you will learn

  • How to set up staff members and assign them the correct access in the system.
  • How to customise your practice settings to determine how information will be stored, displayed and processed in Practice Manager.
  • How to prepare and manipulate external data and how to import it into the application.
  • How to enable the Xero Practice Edition integration to share billing information between the two systems.
  • How to enable NZ Tax in Practice Manager.
  • How to prepare for your Go Live day and how to manage the transition to a new system.


About the tutorials

  • The course consists of nine steps, and each step contains one or multiple tutorials.
  • Each tutorial contains the following information:
    • Video: To demonstrate how to complete the step.
    • Key learning points: To highlight the most important points mentioned in the video.
    • Tips & tricks: Additional information and recommendations to help you complete the step successfully.
    • What should I do now: Instructions on how you should proceed with your own implementation.
    • Useful links: Additional links to online help, PDF files, sample CSV files or templates that you can use to help you complete the tutorial.

How to complete the tutorials

  • Read all the information in the Introduction section to know exactly what you are expected to do.
  • Complete the tutorials in the order that they are presented, starting with Step 1 and ending with Step 9. There are important data dependencies that determine this order.
  • In each tutorial, first watch the video and then read the supporting information.
  • Log into your own account and follow the What should I do now? instructions to complete each step in your implementation journey. If necessary, watch the video again to help you complete the necessary tasks.
  • Depending on the size of your business and your chosen implementation journey, you may be able to skip some tutorials.

Help and support

  • Use the help available in the application to access online help or to contact support.
  • If you need more specialised help, then at any stage during your implementation journey you can reach out to our enablement team at pmteam@xero.com.