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Payment Services

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Learning objectives

  • List the key considerations when connecting a payment service to an organisation
  • Recognise the benefits of using a payment service to allow customers to pay invoices online
  • Identify the main payment services, access information about them to choose the right option(s) for a business
  • Identify the benefits of using a card payment service
  • Identify where key payment services can be added to invoices
  • Complete the setup process of adding Stripe payment service to invoices
  • Complete the setup process of adding PayPal payment service to invoices
  • Describe the setup process of adding another payment service
  • Identify the benefits of using a direct debit payment service
  • Recognise the efficiency of using a connected app to process direct debits
  • Complete the setup process of GoCardless payment service to invoices
  • Identify what services are applied to an invoice
  • Recognise where to toggle payment services on and off an invoice
  • Send an invoice with a pay now button attached
  • Handle a repeating invoice with a direct debit mandate
  • Utilise the Sent/Viewed feature to ensure the invoice has been successfully received
  • Identify the key considerations for reconciling payments made with payment services
  • Complete the reconciliation process for Stripe
  • Complete the reconciliation process for PayPal (covering PayPal feed)
  • Complete the reconciliation process for GoCardless (mandate and repeating invoice)
  • Handle reconciling payment service fees when the fee is included in the transaction
  • Set up a bank rule to reconcile bank fees automatically

Course outline

    Recognise the benefits of letting customers pay online and research information about the payment services to make the right decision for a business situation.
    Connect payment services to Xero, and reconcile payments made through services.

Topics covered

  • Invoicing
  • Apps

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