Expense Claims

Xero Expenses lets employees capture receipts and submit claims for work expenses on iOS and Android mobile devices. Learn about the features and benefits of using Xero Expenses. View course

Self-paced learning - 22 MINUTES

10 Payroll CREDITS

Xero Payroll Update - November 2017

Stay certified in Xero Payroll. We will keep you up to date with any changes to Xero Payroll and share best practice tips. View course

Self-paced learning

Educating clients: TMNZ and Xero

Keeping up with date with tax payments can be daunting for your clients. Thankfully, TMNZ provide tax management solutions to help your clients manage their tax payments and cashflow better. In this webinar, you’ll learn how to apply your TMNZ provisional tax arrangements within the Xero platform. View course

Video learning - 1 HOUR

2 Advisor CREDITS

Practice Manager - Keeping client data up to date

This course will focus on how to edit your client data and keep it up to date. View course

Self-paced learning - 13 MINUTES

Creating efficiency with Xero Report Templates

Use Xero report templates to create reports that work for you and your clients and save you time. View course

Video learning - 44 MINUTES

1 Advisor CREDIT

Using Workpapers - 1. Getting Started

Learn the basics of Xero Workpapers, so you can make best use of the seamless integration between workpapers and Xero. View course

Self-paced learning

10 Payroll CREDITS

Xero Payroll Update (April 2018)

Stay certified in Xero Payroll. Watch the update, then successfully complete the knowledge check questions to gain your Payroll Credits. View course

Self-paced learning

Efficiently using Xero HQ

Understand Xero HQ so you and your team can use it effectively and efficiently. View course

Live webinar - 1 HOUR



Manage important relationships with contacts in Xero. View course

Self-paced learning - 15 MINUTES