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Budgeting for financial success

Self-paced learning
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Learning objectives

  • How to set up a Budget, populate it using the import template and update it directly in Xero's Budget Manager
  • use filters to create a new Budget, and how to delete and copy Budgets
  • use a Budget Variance Report and why
  • use the Budget Summary Report and why
  • make adjustments with the Export function in the Budget Manager

Course outline

    Using tools such as the Xero Budget Manager, can open up further discussions with your client's. We'll show you how to create and adjust Budgets, and run Reports using these figures in comparison with Actual figures.

    Note: This is part of initial Xero Certification as Elective course or can be taken as part of maintaining Xero Certification.

    Download the Quick reference guide for the course .

Topics covered

  • Budgets
  • Reporting

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