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Accounting Income Method (AIM) - for Partners using Xero Tax

Live webinar



Learning objectives

NOTE: This course is for practices that are ALREADY using Xero Practice Manager and Tax . If this applies to you, register below. If your practice ISN'T currently using Xero Practice Manager and Tax, you should attend this webinar instead.

  • Learn how to prepare AIM returns using Xero
  • Understand the standard AIM adjustments
  • Learn how to make all the AIM adjustments in Xero
  • Be ready to assess which clients will benefit from AIM and how to include AIM in your practice processes

Course outline

    AIM is an IR initiative to make provisional tax simpler and more accurate. Using AIM, from 1 April 2018, companies and sole traders can pay provisional tax based on actual YTD profits by filing an AIM "return" every two months.

    We will soon be releasing AIM functionality designed so that all SMB advisors with Xero clients can take advantage of it.

    In this webinar, we will provide a quick overview of the principles of AIM and then walk through exactly how you can prepare, file and report on AIM returns for your clients. In particular, we will focus on the AIM adjustments and tax calculations so you can see how simple it will be for you to use AIM for all suitable clients in your practice.

    We will be answering questions during this session.
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