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Xero Migration Certification

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40 Migration credits



Learning objectives

The course takes you through the most efficient way to migrate clients so you get it right the first time. You’ll learn how to prepare, set up, convert and complete a migration, including converting fixed assets, inventory and BankLink. You’ll also master the Xero Conversion Toolbox which saves you time and guides you through a standardised, consistent process.
There are four core courses and three elective courses in the migration series. There is also a core assessment course. It contains 16 questions that you must answer on the topics in the four core courses. The elective courses have the assessment questions built into them.

To become certified, you must earn 40 migration credits as follows:
Complete all four core courses in the migration series:

  • Part 1: Preparing for Xero migration
  • Part 2: Setting up a Xero Business Edition
  • Part 3: Converting client information
  • Part 4: Completing a Xero migration

Complete the Core Assessment and obtain at least 80% pass (5 XU credits)
  • It contains 16 questions that you must answer on the topics in the four core courses.

Complete ONE of the elective courses:
  • Elective 1: Converting fixed assets (5 migration credits)
  • Elective 2: Converting inventory (5 migration credits)
  • Elective 3: Converting from BankLink (5 migration credits)
If you complete more than one elective, you’ll start to earn credits for recertification.

Course outline

    Part 1: Preparing for Xero Migration (approx 30 min)
    • Gather client information
    • Map clients to a Xero edition
    • Plan a Xero migration

    Part 2: Setting up a Xero Business Edition (approx 75 min)
    • Different methods of migration
    • Set up a Xero organisation
    • Set up the chart of accounts
    • Set up tracking
    • Set up bank accounts

    Part 3: Converting client information (approx 60 min)
    • Obtain data from other systems
    • Import contacts
    • Import invoices and bills
    • Import conversion balances

    Part 4: Completing the Xero migration (approx 25 Min)
    • Import bank statements
    • Handover and provide support
    • Go further with Xero

Pre-course preparations

  • Some of the modules contain videos with narration, so you'll need headphones to listen.
  • Part 2 and 3 contain the bulk of the migration topics and are quite lengthy. We recommend you take a few breaks during this certification. Be sure to close the course window before taking a break - leaving the course to 'time-out' may result in you losing your progress.
  • You don't have to complete all the courses in one sitting. We recommend you allocate 2 x 2 hr blocks of time to complete this certification.
  • There are many opportunities for you to practice, so be prepared to jump into Xero and try out your new skills.
  • We recommend you complete parts 1-4 in that order. They represent a logical migration workflow from beginning to end. Each course builds on the previous course, and the exercises also assume knowledge from the previous courses.

Topics covered

  • Conversion

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