Xero Setup Experts

We're looking for Xero partners to help support small businesses who are making the switch to Xero.

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Help small businesses get set up on Xero

Between February and April each year we experience an influx of new small businesses who are making the switch to Xero. We expect this year to be no different.

Many of the small businesses who are joining Xero today need an extra helping hand to get set up and running on Xero and our partners like you are just the people to provide that helping hand.


How it works

From February, we'll begin to direct new Xero trialists and subscribers to a filtered view of the Xero advisor directory, showing only Xero setup experts.

The new subscriber or trialist will be able to select and get in touch with you from there.

To help you make the most of being a Xero Setup Expert, we'll provide you with marketing material that will complement the wider Xero campaign messaging which will be in market during the busy February - April months.  

Ready to apply?

Make sure you've read through all the criteria (below) and are confident that your practice meets the requirements to become a Xero Setup Expert. Then fill out the form at the bottom of this page before 31 January.

We'll need you to confirm that you give Xero permission to contact up to 10 of your clients, who you have set up on Xero business edition plans in the last 12 months. We will ask them to take a short customer satisfaction survey, as part of this we'll compile a report on how your clients rate your service and share the results with you. 

We'll get back to you by 10 February with an update on the success of your application.

Applications have now closed

Thank you for your interest. Applications have now closed, please contact your account manager with any questions.

Thank you. 

Xero Setup Expert Criteria

To make sure we're connecting new subscribers with the best of the best, you'll need to tick a few boxes in order to be selected as a Xero Setup Expert. Here's the criteria you need to meet.

Please note: Xero does not guarantee any new business as a result of your involvement in this program.

  • 50% of staff within your practice are certified

  • Your practice is a Silver, Gold or Platinum Partner with Champion Status*

  • You are able to demonstrate satisfactory client training capability and experience*

  • You are able to demonstrate an efficient onboarding procedure

  • You have a Xero advisor directory listing and company website, and actively promote Xero on your website homepage

  • You are able to demonstrate that you have capacity to handle an influx of clients and can demonstrate that they have a system for managing new incoming leads

  • You are willing to commit to providing free bank feed set up and one hour free training for all new leads which come from Xero

* We regonise that some of our best partners are sole traders and therefore are unable to achieve champion status. If this is you please do apply and we will give special consideration to your application. 

* To demonstrate this we would like to reach out to up to 10 of your clients who you have set up on Business Edition Plans in the past 12 months. We will ask them to fill a short customer satisfaction survey.