Frequently Asked Questions

Xero Small Business Insights has been created with a simple but crucial goal: to help small businesses succeed. New Zealand is a nation built on small businesses, and their survival and growth are essential to a strong economy. We think government, large enterprises and the public can best contribute to that goal when they have timely, accurate data on the sector.

How well does this data represent small business conditions?
We believe the data reflects what many, but not all, small businesses’ experience. There are almost five million small businesses across New Zealand, based on MBIE figures. We’re in a unique position with more than 392,000 Kiwi subscribers New Zealand subscribers on Xero, most of whom are small businesses. We hope their experiences will help inform larger questions such as how long it takes for small businesses to get paid or how and when a business hires.
What is the goal of Xero’s Small Business Insights?
Our goal is to empower small businesses. They employ almost 30 percent of the New Zealand workforce and generate more than a quarter of GDP, based on MBIE figures. It’s our hope that with Xero data in hand, government, large enterprises and small businesses themselves can make more informed decisions that benefit small businesses and the broader economy.
How is your data collected?
We have rigorous controls in place to ensure our customers’ data is anonymised and aggregated before we analyse it for Xero Small Business Insights.  Our customers entrust us with sensitive data, and we take that duty seriously. Their privacy is our foremost concern.
How can I get more information?
If you have questions about small business conditions that aren’t answered here, please contact us.