How a joinery business saved 20 hours a week with Xero Projects

When Angela Dalton took over the administrative management of Elite Window Solutions, she also took over their outdated accounting system and spent all day, every day managing the accounts. Find out how taking on Xero Projects changed her working life. 


Taking on a new industry

When Angela Dalton joined Elite Window Solutions as the administration and production manager in 2016, she had no idea about what went into making windows. 

“There was so much to learn, it was quite a shock finding out how much went into making a window,” says Angela. “But thankfully the core team there was really strong and they taught me a lot.”

As well as adapting to a new industry, Angela also had to take on all the processes and systems that came with the business – and that meant she had to get to grips with a whole new accounting system.

“It was really clunky and just wasn’t meeting our needs,” she says, “I had to spend all day, every day in the office trying to keep everything running.”

Getting introduced to Xero by her accountant – Jesse Choo of KGA Accounting Plus – was a game changer for Angela. So much so that after a few months, she began to explore what else Xero could help her with – and discovered Xero Projects.


We can do everything on Xero. From our bank feed first thing in the morning, invoicing in and out, to managing projects. It’s everything. - Angela Dalton

Managing the day-to-day with Xero Projects

Elite Window Solutions takes on work of all shapes and sizes – from small domestic jobs to large commercial ones – and staying on top of multiple projects at once is vital to the success of the business.

When a job comes in, it gets quoted and accepted within Projects. Angela can then track all the components through Xero Projects and put all the relevant bills against each component so when it comes to invoicing, everything is in the right place. 

“The best thing about Xero Projects is that it helps me streamline everything,” says Angela. “I used to spend the whole morning trying to get on top of the day but with Xero Projects I’m days ahead of myself.”

Freeing up time managing each project has allowed Angela to spend more time in the factory with the employees and preempting any problems before they occur.

“Out of a 40 hour week, Xero allows me to reallocate 20 hours – which is huge,” says Angela. “From spending all day managing the accounts I can now spend half a day in the office and the rest of the time out in the factory.”

And as well as being able to spend more time with the team on the ground, by training up her assistant on Xero, Angela has also been able to have a holiday for the first time in six years. 

“Xero has had a huge impact,” says Angela. “I had ten days off at the beginning of October, which is virtually unheard of. I couldn’t have left anybody to oversee the business with our previous system.”




The future of the business

With just Angela and her assistant using Xero Projects at the moment, the next step is to get more people trained up so Angela can focus on planning the future of the business

“It’s been really easy getting people signed up and I’m a very good trainer, if I do say so myself!” says Angela. “There are just two of us using Projects at the moment but eventually we’ll have five on board.”

With more people to hand over the day-to-day running of the business, Angela can start work on the next phase of the business operation: growth.

“We’re considering setting up a satellite office somewhere,” says Angela. And with Xero Projects in her toolkit, she might even get to take another holiday.


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Using Xero Projects, Angela can easily keep track of her ongoing jobs

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Angela now has space to plan for the future of the business

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