Increase efficiency with payroll and accounts on one system

Help your clients get their ducks in a row

Payroll in Xero lines up your clients’ payroll and accounting information on a single ledger. You have access to up-to-the-minute client data, more control and efficient pay runs, and you’ll be able to collaborate with them and fix any errors quickly and easily. Staff can enter timesheets, request leave, and access payslips using a simple mobile app.

Employee Portal

Staff can enter timesheets, request leave, and access payslips using a simple mobile app.

Simple and fast pay runs

Create employee pay templates for simple and fast pay run processing. No more keying data between systems.

Payments File

Save time and ensure accuracy using the payments file which contains net pay figures for employees, easily uploaded to the bank.

E filing to Inland Revenue

Tax and KiwiSaver are worked out automatically, leaving less room for error, and reports can be uploaded straight to Inland Revenue.

Integrated Reporting

Easily review the wages impacts in the business from the P&L and Balance Sheet reports. Drill down into linked pay run detail, and see exactly what occurred.

Collaboration tool

Employees, clients and advisors all have controlled access to the same system.

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Take this self paced learning guide to setting up payroll correctly. Getting your ducks in a row before setting up payroll saves time in the long run.

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Prepare for Payroll in Xero

Follow this guide for tips on organisation and employee information to collect before setting up Payroll in Xero.

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“Online products like Payroll in Xero are enabling us to meet those expectations
of those clients and to get those efficiencies going forward.”

-Patrick Landrigan, BDO Taranaki