Insightly is the easiest customer relationship management solution (CRM) to use for managing deep customer relationships.

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Online CRM and project management application for small and growing businesses

Insightly is an affordable customer relationship management (CRM) and project management application that provides a lot of value by helping small- to medium-sized businesses manage customers more efficiently.

Insightly gives you:

  • Manage contacts more efficiently: With Insightly’s contact syncing, importing and exporting, everyone has access to the most current contact information.

  • Improved sales processes and organization: Using tasks and activity sets, Insightly helps reps know what prospect needs a follow up, what was communicated and when.

  • Get a better view of your sales pipeline: Use Insightly’s advanced reporting to generate reports to see anticipated sales by week, month or quarter.

  • Better understanding of what’s driving sales: Businesses that use Insightly to track leads know the source of their best customers and can focus their efforts accordingly.

Helpful information about Insightly

Who is it for?

Insightly is for small- to medium-sized businesses and nimble teams (1-250 employees).

How does it work with Xero?

Using the Insightly–Xero integration, your team can track Xero invoices and bills under the Xero sub-tab in Contacts, Organizations, Projects & opportunities. And, you can create new Xero invoice drafts right from Insightly and add new contacts to Xero with just a click.

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How do you sync it with Xero?

An Insightly administrator with a Xero login can set up the integration.  

Connecting Insightly to Xero

Using Insightly with Xero

How much does it cost?

Use a free Insightly account forever (with up to two users). Or choose one fo the premium plans.

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Is there a free trial?

Insightly offers a 14-day free trial.

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What countries does it operate in?

Insightly operates around the globe.

What support does it offer?

Visit the Insightly help centre


Xerocon UK 2015 - Emerging Add-on Partner of the Year


Rated5out of5

I have a small business and for what I need to be able to see at the click of a button, without going into Xero is fantastic! Sure saves a bit of time.

Rated5out of5

We've used Insightly for about 3 years now but since introducing Xero into the business we've been cooking on gas. The integration is excellent and makes it so easy for us to produce quotations and invoices.

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