Fuelled can drastically simplify the process of funding your cash flow. No need for paperwork, everything is already there.

Get Fuelled

Take your business off hold by turning outstanding invoices into cash!

Don’t throw away the chance to grow just because you’re waiting for other people to pay you. Fuelled liberates cash flow quickly and easily by providing funds against your outstanding invoices.

Fuelled gives you:

  • Cash flow funding against your outstanding invoices. All you need is a Fuelled account and invoices that meet our funding criteria.

  • Fast and efficient. Our seamless link with Xero means that you typically receive the cash the same day

  • Confidential service. Your clients won’t know that you’re funding your invoices. You’re in control at all times.

  • You can use Fuelled when you need it, as much you need it. We don’t lock you in long term contracts or charge you monthly fees.

  • Transparent and simple pricing. No hidden costs and no set-up charges, just a simple fee.

Helpful information about Fuelled

Who is it for?

Fuelled is a service for small to medium businesses on Xero. These are businesses focussed on growth and profitability that are comfortable with new technologies and that manage themselves in ways that promote financial health, a good credit history and established debtor relationships.

How does Fuelled and Xero work together?

With the relevant data in the Xero cloud, Fuelled can drastically simplify the business of funding your cash flow. There’s no need for paperwork because Fuelled gets the information it needs (and only that information) via Xero. Fuelled is a Xero Financial Services Partner and Xero’s first lending partner in New Zealand. You can find out more here.

How do you sync it with Xero?

By simply completing the Create a Fuelled Account process and authorise Fuelled in Xero.  

How much does it cost?

Fuelled’s charges are limited to transaction fees and interest, as well as charges for late payment. There are no fees for set-up, membership, documentation, administration or early repayment. You’ll find Fuelled’s terms and conditions here and the fee calculator here.

Is there a free trial?

Even better, signing up to Fuelled is free! There’s an initial step to ensure that we’re the right solution for you and subject to that, you can use Fuelled as little or as often as you like – you only pay fees for the invoices you fund.  

What countries do you operate in?

At the moment, Fuelled services are only available to Xero customers in New Zealand.

What support does Fuelled offer?

Fuelled Customer Support Team are available to all customers via online chat. The friendly team supports our customers in a timely manner ensuring they are getting the best service while using Fuelled. We also have an in-depth FAQ section available on our website.

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