Data graduates

Data graduates work in the data team’s functional areas, getting hands-on experience in each area.

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The role

The data team creates, manages and delivers a wide range of data services. We’re Xero’s centre of expertise for data architecture, data modelling, machine learning, ethical data usage, ecosystem analytics and artificial intelligence service design.

As a graduate, you’ll spend the year rotating through the data team’s pod and functional areas, gaining hands-on experience into what each area does and how they work. At the end of the year, these rotations should help inform your decision about your career path at Xero.

Along the journey, mentors will aid your personal growth and development by providing feedback and teaching technical skills. Through this process, you’ll form strong relationships with your colleagues and peers, equipping you for an exciting career at Xero.

A team lead and a data grad analyse results shown in a bar chart.

What we’d like to see from you

Ideally you’ll:

  • have a passion for solving difficult problems, learning new things and collaborating with your team
  • be able to write high-quality reproducible and testable code
  • be a self-starter who’s comfortable taking the initiative
  • be comfortable working with teams across different time zones

We welcome prospective grads from a broad range of majors, including psychology, sociology, law, ethics, computer science, biology, physics, chemistry, maths, statistics, teaching – you get the idea.

How to apply

Due to the number of applications we receive, we ask that you only apply for one role in one location. Please take some time to research each opportunity available before submitting your application.

If you’re invited to a grad day, it will include technical and soft skills interviews, as well as group and individual challenges.

Applications open on 28 February 2022 and close on 20 May 2022.

Applications have now closed.

The application process

You’ll progress through the application process in these stages.

Step 1: Submit CV and meet eligibility criteria

The first thing you need to do is meet the eligibility criteria.

Our eligibility criteria for the graduate program are:

  • Full-time working rights
  • Fewer than 12 months professional working experience in relevant industries
  • Availability to start full-time in February 2023

Our eligibility criteria for internships are:

  • Availability for full-time work from November 2022 through to February 2023
  • Be in your penultimate year of study in your chosen field

When you apply, your CV will only be used to verify your eligibility and won’t be used for screening purposes.

Step 2: Complete a values assessment

Once you’ve met the eligibility criteria, you’ll be invited to complete a values assessment. Find out more about Xero’s values.

Step 3: Complete behavioural and skills assessments

Then you’ll be asked to complete a behavioural assessment, which you can practice here, and a technical skills assessment (30–90 minutes).

You’ll also need to complete a HackerRank test, which you can practice here. While it’s not all about the test results, this is a language-agnostic testing platform that helps us understand what level and range of skills you currently have.

Step 4: Record a short video interview for our team

Next, you’ll be invited to pre-record a video interview for our team.

If your video interview is successful, you’ll be invited to attend a grad day.

We’ll review all applications before making a decision so you can expect to hear from us in June 2022.

Step 5: Attend the virtual grad day

The grad day is a half-day virtual event where you’ll be assessed across three different activities: an interview, a technical assessment, and a group activity. You’ll also have an opportunity to learn more about Xero and the grad program, and meet some previous grads.