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Xerocon in Review #2

The latest Xerocon learnings went well beyond technology. It was about you and your vision. After all, it is the human spirit that truly powers innovation.

And now it’s time to translate the technology into practical, day-to-day solutions to address your practice’s biggest pain points. But remember: it’s a journey.

Start with compliance efficiency

Gain 30% to 40% efficiency in compliance workflows when you take your business online.


Deliver high-value services

“Now that partners spend less time on menial tasks, they can build and deploy high-value products and services. And this helps small businesses run more efficiently and deliver better value.”

James Simpson | Executive General Manager, Product | Xero

Go big: firms on this journey see nearly 30% revenue growth.

30 percent
Ben Richmond

“Once you streamline the basics, such as data collection and processing, you empower accountants and bookkeepers to boost their value. Firms reaching the end of this journey are going faster and faster.”

Ben Richmond | VP of Sales | Xero


“Automation saves about 50% of my day. But technology is just part of the equation: we still need that human element. Because the currency our clients want is not more money – it's the important things in life.”

Jay Kimelman | Founder and CIO | the digital CPA

Enjoy the journey with Xero

“Partners on their Xero journey should look at their current processes and workflows – and see what can be tweaked and what works best in Xero. You don't necessarily want to go in with the same old mindset.”

Tim Cook | Platform and Implementation Manager | Xero

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