Master your game with Lowie’s 12 dynamic principles

Lowie’s approach to winning in life and business

Legendary former rugby league coach, Graham Lowe, has got to know a few things about success over the last 35 years. Now, he’s teamed up with Xero to share the 12 dynamic principles that have shaped his remarkable journey.

Lowie brings his practical no-nonsense style to sharing what shaped his success and that of the teams he’s coached.

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Episode 1 (5:13)

What is a winning team?

Episode 2 (3:42)

Let the dog see the rabbit

Episode 3 (5:29)

There is no such thing as can't

Episode 4 (3:58)

Practise until the lights go off

Episode 5 (5:31)

Look for the man or woman in the dinner suit

Episode 6 (3:13)

Never die wondering

Episode 7 (7:28)

Kick for the seagulls

Episode 8 (3:27)

Be ready and well prepared

Episode 9 (4:42)

Keep shifting the attack

Episide 10 (5:51)

Put up with the pain

Chapter 11 (4:07)

Discover the power of your team early

Chapter 12 (4:27)

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