Farming isn't just a business, it's a way of life

Xero's cloud accounting software lets rural businesses automate routine tasks and work from a single online ledger. Find out how Xero can help your business to succeed.

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Connect with your farming team

Xero connects your accounts with your accountant, bookkeeper, bank and farming consultant. It’s all run on a single ledger online, so your team is working together with the same information in real-time.

Trust your numbers

Connect Xero to your bank account and get your bank statements imported and categorised automatically. Match statement lines from your bank account with transactions you create in Xero and just click OK to reconcile.

Work anywhere

You don’t want to be in the office and Xero doesn’t need to be. Xero in on your accounts from any device with an internet connection – from the paddock, the stockyard or on the road.

Xero helps your farm to thrive

Xero works hand-in-hand with farming business applications, like Figured, to provide online accounting, livestock reporting and budgeting. Farmers, accountants, advisors and banks can all see the same ledger online, so they know the financial, livestock and equity position in real-time.

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Xero has partners suited to your farm

Tap into the growing Xero team of partners who specialise in rural business. No two farms are the same, so check them out below and see which ones are right for you.


The complete online livestock tracking, farm budgeting and forecasting tool that works hand-in-hand with Xero.

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iAgri’s seamless integration with Xero’s financial program is a complete online farm management package.

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The Rural Broadband Initiative lets Xero farming customers and partners check which farms have access to rural broadband.

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Leading provider of products, services and solutions to the agricultural sector. PGG Wrightson account holders can have their transactions seamlessly fed directly to Xero.

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New Zealand's largest farmer-owner cooperative and provider of farming supplies and co-operative banking. Get bank statements from your Farmlands Co-operative bank account fed into Xero automatically.

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Bank statements from your ASB bank account can be fed into Xero automatically. You can see your financial position every morning and reduce double-handling.

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$ 99 NZD / Month


$ 99 NZD / Month

Over 1 million subscribers love Xero

Xero & Figured makes your finances & livestock so much easier to handle, giving you up to date information and allows you to make better decisions at any one time.

Will Foley

Foley Farming Enterprises Ltd

Using Xero & Figured allows us to work closer with our client, rather than just tidying things up at the end of the year.

Craig Riddiford

BWR Chartered Accountants