Reduce the hidden costs of managing expenses for your clients

Xero Expenses helps you and your clients stay on top of their spending through simplified claims processing, powerful analytics and integrated accounting, all inside Xero.

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Get control, improve efficiency and deliver better advice

  • Submit a claim with our mobile app and automate the full process.

  • Take control by setting permissions and categories, or submitting expenses on behalf of others.

  • Employees will file their expenses more frequently, giving clients better visibility into their cash position.

  • Make more informed decisions with valuable insights you only get in Xero.

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“We highly recommend Xero Expenses as smart, easy to use modern technology. It has automated the expense claim process for our business. It speeds up the submission process and makes a seamless flow through to payment.”

– Toby Bennett, Accountant, Bellingham Wallace Ltd

How to get started with Xero Expenses

Setup online invoicing
Identify the right clients

Expore the features of the new Expenses, and how it will help your clients save time and processing costs and get their expenses under control.

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Add payment options
Become an expert

Learn all of the ins and outs of Xero Expenses by completing the Xero Expenses course. It’s self-paced and easy to follow so you and your staff will be experts in no time.

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Track cash flowing in
Get rewarded

For every paying BE standard or premium client you will earn 4.5 points per month or 3 points where you pay the subscription. Additionally you will earn 5 points for actively using Expenses in your practice.

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Set up Xero Expenses

If you hold the Xero subscription for your client

Simply log in to Xero, go to your client's information, go to the "Business" menu and select "Expenses Claims". Follow these steps to set up Expenses for your client.

All Standard and Premium plans include Xero Expenses for 1 active user

Access to Xero Expenses for one user is included with all Standard and Premium Business Edition subscriptions. Each additional active user is $5/month. Xero Expenses is billed monthly with your Xero subscription. You only pay for additional users who are active in that month. See pricing here.

If your client holds the Xero subscription

Advise your client to log in to Xero, go to the “Business” menu and select “Expense Claims” or use the mobile version by downloading the Xero Expenses mobile app for iOS or Android.  Follow these steps to set up Expenses for your client.

Xero Expenses is free for your practice

To use Xero Exenses for your own practice, login to your Xero Practice Organisation, go to the "Business" menu and select "Expense Claims" or use the mobile version by downloading the Xero Expenses mobile app for iOS or Android. Xero Expenses is available as a benefit of the Partner Program.