Increase efficiency with payroll and accounts in one system

Running your payroll in Xero means no more manual data entry and calculation mistakes. Process payruns easily and have your tax and kiwisaver automatically worked out.

Do it all with one subscription

Payroll in Xero is charged on the number of unique employees you pay each monthly billing cycle, not how many employees you have on your books. No more paying per payrun.


$10/month to pay 1 employee

$1/month for each employee paid after that.

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One system, one login, one price

Beautiful dashboards

Log in anytime, anywhere, on any device and work on the one system to make pay runs a walk in the park.

Simple Bank Reconciliation

Your staff can enter timesheets, request leave, and access payslips using our simple mobile app.

Easy compliance

Tax and KiwiSaver are worked out automatically, leaving less room for error, and reports can be uploaded straight to Inland Revenue.

Do payroll on the fly

Our simple mobile app allows your employees to enter timesheets, request leave, and access payslips. Both you and your team can login anytime, anywhere from any device.

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Learn more about how Payroll in Xero with our educational tools

Setting Up Payroll - Course

Take this self paced learning guide to setting up payroll correctly. Getting your ducks in a row before setting up payroll saves time in the long run.

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Business runs beautifully when you Xero in

Easy expense claims


Turn the financial elephant in the room into a small task.

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Simple bank reconciliation


Make bank reconciliation a piece of cake.

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Beautiful dashboards

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Keep a tight rein on your business numbers with the Xero dashboard.

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