500 more hours hunting

Richard and Nicole Stewart have clocked up some impressive hours on the books over their 26 years in business. Now, two hours a night is just ten minutes a day, giving them more time to search for the next great find and share it all with their customers.

Why switch to Xero

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Don’t sweat the small stuff

Transactions are automatically uploaded and categorised – just click OK to reconcile. Automated entry means less chance of mistakes, and more time to focus on goals.


Forget chasing payments

With Xero, creating and emailing an invoice to your client is a piece of cake. Set up automated payment reminders for customers whose invoices are nearly due, or overdue.


See exactly where you’re at

Capture receipts and upload them straight to Xero, to be reviewed and approved right away. Generate reports with the click of a button for a real-time picture of how you’re tracking.


Have an expert at your side

Xero advisors know all the best tricks for getting you where you want to be, fast. Visit the Xero advisor directory to connect with a Xero-certified accountant or bookkeeper in your area.

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Popular time-saving features

We’ve created beautiful accounting software that’s easy to use – some would even say addictive. Here are the features that make the Xero experience seamless, engaging and fun.

It’s easy to reconcile more often

Xero receives your bank statement lines automatically. You can reconcile at the tap of a button using our mobile app – anytime, anywhere.

Get paid faster

Send online invoices and receive updates when they're opened. Create professional recurring invoices, send automated reminders, and schedule bill payments.

Smart, speedy pay runs

Add payroll to Xero to make paying employees painless. It’s simple to stay compliant, pay your employees and file reports with Inland Revenue. Your payroll information automatically updates in the general ledger; it makes doing business a pleasure.

Run your business anywhere, from any device

Check balances, upload receipts and invoice customers while you're at lunch. Run your business and access your accounts from work, home, or on the go.

Worry-free maintenance

Software updates are automatic. Every three to six weeks we release new features and enhancements based on ideas from our customers.

Add as many users as you want – it’s free

Collaborate online with your accountant and bookkeeper to get the help and advice you need. Invite an unlimited number of staff and stakeholders for free.

Never waste time being put on hold again

We offer free unlimited email support and phone call-backs from experienced teams. Our teams are located in different parts of the world to ensure around-the-clock coverage.

Plans and pricing

Pay monthly, with no hidden costs or surprises. Cancel your plan at any time with one month's notice.


$ 99 NZD / Month


$ 99 NZD / Month

What sets Xero apart

Because we started in the cloud, we’ve had the freedom to design the dream 
accounting solution. Already we’ve invested heavily so we do it right and 
without compromise. That’s why people love Xero.


Trusted by 1.5 million subscribers

We’ve built the trust of our customers by being open and collaborative. Our team of over 1,800 people are passionate about making accounting software that’s intuitive and easy to use.


An ecosystem of 700+ add-on apps

You’re spoilt for choice with applications like inventory, invoicing, time tracking and expenses. They integrate with Xero to save your business time and money.